My Positive Birth Story

My waters broke at 7:30pm on Friday 9th August 2019. We called Huddersfield birth centre to let them know and then came to get checked everything was OK. My fluids were clear and everything was fine so we then chose to go home and started to do the breathing techniques and exercises with the pregnancy ball and to wait for things to progress as my surges hadn’t yet started. As soon as we arrived home I began to play the River Dawn playlist and I started to visualise the upward breathing. Within 2 hours my surges were coming strongly every 3-4 minutes lasting just under a minute so we decided it was time to go back in to the birthing centre. Due to both birthing pools being used at Huddersfield we decided to go Calderdale birth centre. The techniques helped me remain calm and relaxed whilst we drove to the hospital.

When we arrived at the birth centre we met our midwife Kate who had attended the midwife Hypnobirthing course and my Husband shared our birth plan with her. I continued the breathing techniques whilst remaining active and my Husband was strongly massaging my lower back which helped me ride the surges. When I had my first check I was already 6cm dilated and then I got ready to go into the pool which helped me become 10cm dilated within 30 minutes. After 1 hour of pushing our beautiful baby boy Isaac emerged from the water at 1:20am on Saturday 10th August. I can honestly say through attending the course and practicing the techniques I went through 6 hours of labour with no pain relief not even any gas and air. I would 100% recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone and recommend to do the practices everyday.